In Bloom - A Floral Portrait Series

As warm weather returns, so too do flowers, foliage, and the Columbus Flea! This is my third time shooting portraits at Columbus Flea and this was the funnest (is that a word? I think it's supposed to be "most fun" but whatever) concept yet! 

I'm always blown away when spring finally hits. I swear, I'll never tire of seeing the leaves return and the flowers bloom. As the earth around us transforms, we too have an opportunity for rejuvenation and new beginnings; to boldly burst forth with our own beauty and unlimited potential. That was the spirit of this series, titled "In Bloom" which celebrates the unique, colorful, flourishing beauty we all have inside us.

As always, a special thank you to the Columbus Flea family for saving me a space at my favorite quarterly happening. And an extra special thank you to my love Meghan for building the floral ring - these photos quite literally wouldn't have happened without her and they are that much more beautiful because of her involvement. 

Below are a few faves from the day. Click on the images to see them full sized.