A Weekend Guide to Nashville - For 1812 Columbus

Nashville proudly calls itself the Music City and it doesn’t take long to see why. Country music, cowboy hats, and Johnny Cash – this is one city that knows how to stay on message. For music fans, Nashville offers an endless buffet – ranging from clichéd modern country to classic blues, modern folk, and more. This is what Nashville is known for.

Beyond the crowded, tourist-centric areas like Broadway Street, there is a less well known but equally vibrant Nashville filled with eclectic vintage shops, farm to table restaurants, charming bed and breakfasts, and parks that you could spend an entire day relaxing in.

This was the side of Nashville I explored on a recent weekend getaway with my girlfriend. What we discovered was a city that is as comfortable with its old school heritage as it is with its casually hip destiny. It felt like a Southern city with a distinctly West Coast vibe and a touch of Midwest nice thrown in.

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