Do you believe in Magic?

Brandon Gerald, aka Presto is a Columbus-based magician who is redefining people's perception of magic, one trick at a time.

Before I met with and photographed him for the December issue of 614 Magazine, I watched a Youtube video of him performing on the streets of downtown Columbus. In the video, it was clear to me that he was skilled in his craft, but what really caught my attention were the reactions he had on his audience when he made his reveal. 

Stone-faced cynical teens were instantly transformed into speechless kids as he unveiled trick after mind-blowing trick. It was this transformation that I sought to capture when we met up at the Columbus College of Art and Design on a cold day in November and asked a few students if they'd like to see a magic trick. See some of the reaction photos (taken the moment the trick was revealed) below and head over to 614 Magazine to read more about Presto.