Outward Farms - Project Treatment

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My goal with each project is to capture the essence of my client while making images that allow them to stand out. My approach is built on listening and collaboration, bringing my expertise to the project in a way that compliments the overall vision.

Commercial partners as diverse as American Express and BrewDog trust me to execute their vision and maintain their voice, both on location and in studio, while editorial clients like The New York Times and 614 Magazine rely on me to capture decisive moments while working in fast-paced environments. This mix of work requires communication, versatility, flexibility, and vision.


For the past few years, I’ve been documenting makers and merchants as part of an ongoing series that celebrates and highlights innovative and passionate artists, farmers, chefs, and small businesses across the country.

The “Who Is Outward?” campaign is a natural extension of this work. My approach to these images is to find, create, and capture moments that showcase the passion, work ethic, commitment, and voice of each maker. Like a good handshake, these images are made to feel candid, authentic, and inviting - the perfect introduction.

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The “Live Outward” and “We’re Different” campaigns are perfect platforms for fun, vibrant still life’s, product work, and moving GIF’s.

Beyond the ideas already outlined in the brand concept - I was thinking a Yoga Chicken series would be fun - with poses like Downward Hen, word puns like Namast-egg, and the use of live chickens and actual yoga props.

Additionally, the use of colorful patterns, and playful egg arrangements would allow us to create memorable and distinct images that connect with the elevated but fun brand identity.

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I hope this gives you a better sense of my approach and how I might fit on this project. I’m excited (or should I say egg-cited) to work together to tell the incredible Outward Farms story. Thank you so much for considering me. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything.