Desert Transmissions

Transmission One

Transmission One


Somewhere on the edge of the Mojave Desert, with the Las Vegas strip glowing in the distance, is a landscape both alien and terrestrial. At one end of the road is a prison, at the other end a small colony of vacation homes. Vegas to the south, Area 51 to the north.

In between, joshua trees, wild horses, and coyotes.

This little patch of nowhere lies in the middle of so much. It's easy to mistake places like this as isolated and beyond the reach of humanity and its follies. But those intersections are here and visible to those willing to look for them. Shining a light on these overlooked lands illuminates the strains, exposing vulnerabilities and resilience. 

That tension lies at the heart of this series. It explores our interactions with "nowhere" and our influences on it. The series juxtaposes natural elements from the local landscape with colorful bursts of light, creating a surreal vision of a wholly real place on the margins of existence.


Transmission Two


Transmission Three


Transmission Four


Transmission Five


Transmission Six

Transmission Seven

Transmission Seven